About us and our values

As a boutique legal practice we have adopted a personal approach to legal advice and provide tailored legal solutions to our clients.

Our firm's slogan is "With Confidence". Our goal is to develop a personal relationship with our clients so that they develop confidence in the services we provide. We also want to emphasise the special and confidential relationship that exists between a client and their lawyer.

As an Approved Quality Practice, our firm is recognised by the Law Society of Western Australia as having developed and adhering to a high standard of internal procedures which assist us in the provision of quality legal services.

We value all clients, from all walks of life.

We value the confidentiality of every client.

We value building strong ongoing relationships with clients built on mutual respect and trust.

We value creating an environment which is warm, supportive and gives our clients confidence that their concerns are in capable hands.

We value finding real solutions to our client’s legal needs in a manner that is cost effective and in their best interests.

On 20 October 2009 Vogt Graham Lawyers received confirmation from the Law Society of Western that our application for accreditation as an Approved Quality Practice was successful.

The accreditation process included an independent audit of our Practice Manual to ensure that our manual complied with the Quality Practice Standard, followed by an on-site audit to ensure that we successfully implement our procedures.

Vogt Graham Lawyers must undertake an annual on-site audit to ensure we continue to comply with our procedures.

All our staff are committed to complying with our procedures and strive for the highest standard of legal services.